Eminent Domain is the process by which a governmental body takes your private property for public use.  The Law Offices of John M. LeRoux, P.A. practices exclusively in eminent domain and property rights including inverse condemnation, roadway projects and public utility easements and takings.

We have extensive experience and handled numerous cases involving homeowners, vacant parcels, churches, shopping centers, large department stores, small businesses, gas station/convenience stores, fast food restaurants, hotels/motels, professional offices, farms, golf course owners, as well as other properties both in eminent domain and inverse condemnation proceedings in over 20 counties in Florida.  We are dedicated to aggressively defend the rights of property and business owners in large and small eminent domain cases.

Our Approach

We have developed a team approach for each client that provides the highest level of personalized service and a results oriented solution.  For property owners facing eminent domain and property rights litigation, we are your advocate and our focus is you.  We are here to guide and assist you through the eminent domain process including planning, negotiations, mediation and jury trial.  Our goal is to maximize your compensation.  We manage each case aggressively working closely with experienced property appraisers, engineers, land planners, business valuation specialists and most importantly, our client.

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