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FDOT will host a public hearing regarding extending Quincy Loop South, January. 29, 2019 

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) announces a public hearing to which all persons are invited.

DATE AND TIME:  Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST. 

A formal presentation and public comment period begins at 6 p.m. EST.

PLACE: University of Florida IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center, 155 Research Road, Quincy



US 19 - New Interchanges at Tampa Road and Nebraska Avenue

Pinellas County
FDOT Project

Updated Sept 19, 2018

This US 19 project is designed to be a six lane controlled access roadway with two lane, one way frontage roads on each side.  In addition, new interchanges will be built at Tampa Road and Nebraska Avenue.

This project is currently in design.  Right-of-way is funded beginning FY 2021 (July 1, 2020).  Construction is not funded at this time.

Project Tracking

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Updated Sept 19, 2018


Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension

​Collier County Project

The Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension is designed to be a 6 lane divided road system with a planted median.  The County has hired a contractor and is in the design phase of the project which was put on hold in 2008.  Plans originally called for bringing Vanderbilt Beach Road to Desoto Boulevard, the western edge of the Estates.  Based on the most recent plans, it is likely that Phase 1 of the project will end at 16th Street.  If the design is finished and all permits are in place by 2019, the County will select a firm to build the road by 2020.

Collier County has funded $86,670,000 for design, right-of-way acquisition and construction in their FY 2018-2022 budget.   Acquisition activities will begin in early 2019.