My firm represents property owners including corporations, small business owners, and homeowners.  

My practice is restricted to condemnation matters.  This is what a few of my clients have said.

"I am so glad I chose you to represent my family.  Words will never be enough to express to you how important you have been in my life these past three years.  It has been a long and arduous journey.  Besides my wife, dad and son, I could not think of anyone I would want beside me in the proverbial fox hole.  So often in society at large attorneys are made fun of, by people like me, on how they are only after themselves.  You have forever changed my view, because I now know at the end of three years, after all the grilling, second guessing and fretting, you have always had my family's best interests at heart, I think you know that you have an advocate in me."  

Lawrence S.


"Your team delivered above and beyond my expectations.  All matters related to the eminent domain taking of property I was leasing were handled in a professional and thoughtful manner.  With no doubt I would hire you again.  Based on the reaction of the Florida Department of Transportation I was left with the impression that the settlement negotiated was far greater that initially estimated due in great to the diligence and understanding of the system used at your firm."

Mike M., Florida Engineered Construction Products


"When Chick-Fil-A was represented in difficult condemnation actions we have been very pleased with our representation and outcome of those matters.  We found John to be very knowledgeable and responsive to our issues and concerns.  The staff was courteous and helpful.  We were fully informed and participated in the strategic progress of our case at all times.  We would highly recommend to anyone"

Lynn Chastain,  Esquire, Vice President of Real Estate, Chick-Fil-A


"I would recommend John to anyone going through the unfortunate circumstance of losing a home to eminent domain.  He patiently guides you through it all and works to get the best settlement possible.  I was thoroughly satisfied with the level of personal attention provided by John and staff."

Jill R.


"We could not have chosen anyone better.  Easy to communicate with.  We felt he had our best interest!  We have recommended John several times because of the assurance he would work to the best of his ability.  After working with other attorneys, John was a welcome relief and we always felt he listened to us!"

Steve & Becky C.


"He took time to visit my property, which is not easily accessible, on several occasions.  Thank you very much for your understanding, availability and patience with an angry, combative and abrasive old red-neck. "

Scott L.


“He listened to what I had to say.  I enjoyed working with Mr. LeRoux.  He made the experience more palatable with some fun conversation.  Thank you, John LeRoux.”
Margaret P.


“Where to begin?  John became an integral part of our lives.  We were on the verge of losing everything until we met John.  Our case meant as much to him, as it did to us.  He fought with everything he had and we are forever grateful.  When our case was over, we missed John and his staff.  What more can we say about this attorney?  Remarkably he supported us emotionally, as well as legally through a years long process.”
Dianne C. & Karen M.


“John LeRoux did his homework; kept in close communication with me; prepared me well for any personal participation and lengthy deposition; spent a great deal of time pushing toward resolution, forced a self-righteous county into a settlement that I could live with and was more than fair on his fee.  John LeRoux’s staff – courteous, extremely knowledgeable, great listeners and know their boss well!”

“On a scale from 1 to 10; a 10 because John LeRoux will fight for you, and that’s what you need, a fighter who champions your cause and does not like to come in second – he will fight your fight as if it was his own.  That’s why we won!”

“Anything I needed before, during and even following our settlement, John and his gals have made sure it’s available to me and quickly.  I’ve called for advice and he’s always there to help me.  The very best measure of satisfaction is – would you use John LeRoux’s services again, if you needed representation again – my answer is yes, I would not hesitate, he’s a fine lawyer”
Donna B.



“John displayed a very calm demeanor, is easily approachable, does his "homework" and is very knowledgeable of each case.  Kudos to John for  his explanation with patience!”

"In mediation, John was confident in his approach, securing the most positive outcome for his client, while maintaining the dignity of the "other side" of professionals"

"Yes, I would recommend John to anyone experiencing a similar situation to mine"    "The office staff was knowledgeable, respectful and kind"

Candy & Nella H.


“Very professional, but human.  He took his time in a calm manner and explained how the process works.  He made me feel comfortable and informed.  This office is a great Team!”
Carol M.


*The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which testimony has been provided.  You​ may not receive the same or similar results as each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.

Client Testimonials

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